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How to create proper recordings (with Zoom H5)

  • Select an Empty folder (Stereo is recommended)

  • Press (Record) and start createing a Note

  • Press (Play) and (Play) again to Speak the whole Note again, if you made a mistake (this will create Markers)

  • Press (Record) to finish the Note

  • Once the Topic is done (which is a collection of Notes)

  • Got though the the list of Samples and trim the beginnings way to the last marker (only if markers in the files exist)

  • Menu -> Edit -> Trim

    • (>>) and (<<) to jump between markers
    • (Record) to execute Deletion

Now you have a bunch of already cut Recordings, which can be merged to a proper Topic with the

How to create final MP3s

  • Create folder for a topic/note-session
  • move all wav files in there
  • cd in that folder
  • run
    bash ../
  • Now you have a mp3 with the name of the folder