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krops (krebs ops)

krops is a lightweigt toolkit to deploy NixOS systems, remotely or locally.

Some Features

  • store your secrets in password store
  • build your system remotely
  • minimal overhead (it's basically just nixos-rebuild switch!)
  • run from custom nixpkgs branch/checkout/fork

Minimal Example

Create a file named krops.nix (name doesn't matter) with following content:

  krops = (import <nixpkgs> {}).fetchgit {
    url =;
    rev = "3022582ade8049e6ccf18f358cedb996d6716945";
    sha256 = "0k3zhv2830z4bljcdvf6ciwjihk2zzcn9y23p49c6sba5hbsd6jb";

  lib = import "${krops}/lib";
  pkgs = import "${krops}/pkgs" {};

  source = lib.evalSource [{
    nixpkgs.git = {
      clean.exclude = ["/.version-suffix"];
      ref = "4b4bbce199d3b3a8001ee93495604289b01aaad3";
      url =;
    nixos-config.file = toString (pkgs.writeText "nixos-config" ''
      { pkgs, ... }: {
        fileSystems."/" = { device = "/dev/sda1"; };
        boot.loader.systemd-boot.enable = true;
        services.openssh.enable = true;
        environment.systemPackages = [ pkgs.git ];
        users.users.root.openssh.authorizedKeys.keys = [
          "ssh-rsa ADD_YOUR_OWN_PUBLIC_KEY_HERE user@localhost"
  pkgs.krops.writeDeploy "deploy" {
    source = source;
    target = "root@YOUR_IP_ADDRESS_OR_HOST_NAME_HERE";

and run $(nix-build --no-out-link krops.nix) to deploy the target machine.

Under the hood, this will make the sources available on the target machine below /var/src, and execute nixos-rebuild switch -I /var/src.

Source Types


Nix expression to be built at the target machine.

Supported attributes:

  • text - Nix expression to be built.


The file source type transfers local files (and folders) to the target using rsync.

Supported attributes:

  • path - absolute path to files that should by transfered

  • useChecksum (optional) - boolean that controls whether file contents should be checked to decide whether a file has changed. This is useful when path points at files with mangled timestamps, e.g. the Nix store.


Git sources that will be fetched on the target machine.

Supported attributes:

  • url - URL of the Git repository that should be fetched.

  • ref - Branch / tag / commit that should be fetched.

  • clean.exclude - List of patterns that should be excluded from Git cleaning.


The pass source type transfers contents from a local password store to the target machine.

Supported attributes:

  • dir - absolute path to the password store.

  • name - sub-directory in the password store.


Executes a local command, capture its stdout, and send that as a file to the target machine.

Supported attributes:

  • command - The (shell) command to run.


Symlink to create at the target, relative to the target directory. This can be used to reference files in other sources.

Supported attributes:

  • target - Content of the symlink. This is typically a relative path.



Comments, questions, pull-requests, etc. are very welcome, and can be directed at: